Ag companies upgrade Internet sites

EDITOR'S NOTE — Agribusiness companies' Internet Websites provide useful information pertaining about the firms' products and services. Here are some new and updated sites:

  • — Planting season is here and with it comes the quest for perfect seed drop. Achieving this goal means finding just the right planter setting, which can sometimes be a challenge because seed size and weight vary, both within and between crops.

    Growers planting Pioneer brand corn and sunflower products can avoid this challenge by using plantability information now found on the Pioneer GrowingPoint Website.

    Using the Plantability Menu found on the GrowingPoint Website, growers simply enter the batch ID from their corn or sunflower bag tag and select their planter model from a dropdown list. The program then delivers information for optimum planter calibration such as vacuum setting, pressure setting and plate size for the grower's unique combination of seed and machine.

    “Pioneer analyzes seed drop for each seed batch in test planters and has provided plantability information for all individual seed batches for many years,” says Jerry Tank, corn quality supply manager for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., in Johnston, Iowa. “It's vital information growers need to quickly and easily find an accurate starting point when setting their planters to insure accurate seed drop. Accurate seed drop is a factor in precision seed spacing and spacing directly impacts yield.”

    Research from Pioneer Hi-Bred shows that seed singulation, the elimination of skips and doubles, improves yield. In fact, in studies conducted in 2001 across four diverse environments show there is an average 3.4 bushel per acre yield increase for every inch improvement in plant spacing standard deviation. Research from Purdue University, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota confirms these findings.

    To access the plantability information, simply log on to the Website, choose “Products” from the left-hand navigation bar. Select “Plantability Information” and enter the batch ID found on the seed bag tag and choose your planter model.

  • — Producers looking for quick answers to their farm tire questions will find solutions on this new, redesigned Website for Michelin North America Agricultural Tires.

    “From enhanced traction to reduced soil compaction, we realize producers are looking for information on a variety of issues related to agricultural tires,” says Olivier Gros, Michelin North America Agricultural Tires, marketing communications manager. “Our goal with the new Website was to make this information easy to find. We also wanted to provide visitors to the site an online tool that simplified the process of matching the right tires to their specific applications and offered advice on how to maximize tire and equipment performance.”

    As a result, the new Website offers solutions such as follows:

    1. An improved, user-friendly dealer locator.
    2. Detailed product information — including features, benefits and applications — on the full range of Michelin ag tires.
    3. A helpful tire selector tool providing specific tire recommendations based on the equipment and application information the user enters into the site.
    4. An easy-to-use online calculator that takes the guesswork out of determining the proper inflation pressure for machinery tires.
    5. Valuable tips on how to maximize the use and performance of Michelin ag tires.

    “The Website is intuitive and user-friendly,” Gros notes. “We believe producers will value the information they'll find there when weighing decisions on which tires will best enhance their equipment productivity and ultimately provide the greatest returns to their operation.”

  • — The Mycogen Seeds Website was recently redesigned to offer easier access to a wealth of product and agronomic information. The site continues to be a comprehensive resource for a variety of crop information. The redesigned site allows users to put a variety of crop information at their fingertips.

“The redesigned Website makes locating valuable crop information and resources easier than ever,” says Greg Cannon, Communications Manager with Mycogen Seeds. “Our new site has crop-specific sections, allowing all the available information for a specific crop to be housed in one convenient location.”

Crop-specific categories on the new Mycogen Seeds site include grain corn, Silage Specific corn, sunflowers, alfalfa, sorghum and soybeans. The site also offers a resource center that contains customized information and resource materials based on each user's geography.

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