18 new Garst brand soybean varieties

Garst Seed Company announces the introduction of 18 new Garst brand soybean varieties for the 2006 growing season. The lineup includes 15 new varieties with the Roundup Ready trait — seven of which also offer resistance to soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) and one variety that offers the Roundup Ready trait and the new CystX technology.

Three new conventional varieties also are available.

A total of 77 Garst brand soybean varieties offering top yields, exceptional agronomics and proven performance are available to growers for the 2006 season. Garst will also offer 43 NK brand soybeans in 2006.

“Garst offers high-performance soybeans that combine high yields and the resistance that producers need,” says Mike Schaefer, soybean product manager for Garst. “Our soybean breeding program is dedicated to providing more varieties, so ultimately customers will have more options.”

SCN continues to be the No. 1 yield-robber of soybeans and can cause up to 30 percent yield loss on susceptible varieties that show no visible signs of nematode damage.

Garst offers more than 30 soybean varieties with SCN resistance. Those varieties are trademarked: SCN Solutions: A prescription for success.

In addition, one new variety 3236RR/N provides CystX technology for complete genetic resistance to all known U.S. races of SCN. Many of these varieties offer additional traits such as iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance and superior disease resistance for a complete package of traits.

Garst is again offering yield protection options, including CruiserMaxx Pak seed treatment which protects the genetic yield potential and enhances stand establishment by providing defense against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases. CruiserMaxx Pak is a combination of Cruiser seed treatment insecticide and ApronMaxx brand seed treatment fungicide from Syngenta.

All Garst soybeans treated with CruiserMaxx Pak are also treated with ProCoat, a seed treatment available only from Garst. ProCoat delivers added protection against all major soil-borne diseases and several seed-borne diseases.

For more information on the new soybean products or which Garst soybean varieties are suited for each area of the country, contact your local Garst ProSeller, call toll free 888-464-2778, or visit Garst's Web site at www.garstseed.com.

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