Yetter's Titan matches Deere no-till coulters

The power of Yetter Farm Equipment’s Titan residue managers joins forces with the company’s popular screw adjust feature in a new model, the 2967-043 Titan With Screw Adjust for John Deere coulters.

“Titan residue managers are well-known for their ability to float over the soil surface and achieve optimum contact,” said AOR Manager Scott Cale. “And the addition of the screw adjust provides constant, accurate depth control.”

The 2967-043 has been designed to work in conjunction with John Deere unit-mounted, no-till coulters. “This design allows producers’ John Deere coulters and residue managers to work together without interference to coulter adjustment,” said Cale.

The screw adjust feature is easily controlled with a self-detent adjustment handle, speeding up the adjustment process so producers spend more time planting and less time fine-tuning equipment.

In addition to the floating feature, the residue manager wheels can be locked into place for positive wheel traction in tough conditions. Residue is cleared from the seedbed, but left between the rows, which contributes to the creation of an ideal seedbed and earlier plant emergence.

The 2967-043 can also be used when the coulter blade is removed, adding flexibility for producers to adapt to various situations and changing needs.

As with all Titan residue managers, the 2967-043 Titan can be used with all wheel configurations, such as the SharkTooth Wheel. Optional floater wheels are also available.

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