Yetter updates closing wheel models

For years, producers using Yetter Farm Equipment’s Spike Closing Wheels have benefited from the wheels during wet planting and seeding seasons.

The wheels are now available to producers seeding with John Deere 50 Series and 60 Series Plus openers.

Yetter Farm Equipment’s latest model updates the Spike Closing Wheel’s attachment components so that they are compatible with the JD 50 and 60 Series openers. “So many producers have found the Spike Closing Wheel to be the right solution for them,” said Jeff Wherley, a Yetter area of responsibility manager. “We’re pleased to be able to provide these updates so that more producers can take advantage of the Yetter closing wheels.”

Without effective closure of the seed trench, the intensive effort spent on planting and seeding goes to waste. “The Spike Closing Wheel is the preferred seed trench closing wheel selection for conditions encountered in today’s production agriculture operations,” said Wherley.

The Yetter Spike Closing Wheel is a 15-inch, solid-cast wheel with spikes. As each spike enters the soil, the narrow double beveled tip creates a wedging action, which in turn lifts and crumbles soil over the seed trench. The result is ideal seed-to-soil contact for improved germination, better stands, and higher yields.

The advantages of using the Spike Closing Wheel become especially apparent in wet conditions. When springs and falls are wet, compaction is a factor, and trench sidewalls are often smeared. By operating along the side of the seed trench, Spike Closing Wheels counteract problems producers typically face by breaking up the smeared soil and consistently closing the seed trench. The wheel’s design helps shed damp soil and avoid build-up in wet conditions.

Each wheel has a wide-crowned depth band to provide producers with superior depth control and prevent spikes from intersecting the seed trench. In addition, down pressure on the Spike Closing Wheel can be reduced and still close the seed trench in the most severe conditions.

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