Yetter opener increases efficiency

The 2962 Row-Unit Mount Double-Disc Fertilizer Opener from Yetter Farm Equipment has long been a reliable and effective choice for farmers looking for precise fertilizer placement. Now, get the double-disc opener with a row cleaner complete with the time-saving, floating screw-adjust feature.

The new 2962-005 combination unit makes it possible for producers to clear residue, plant, and fertilize in one trip through the field.

“The addition of a floating residue manager to the double-disc opener makes it incredibly efficient,” said Jeff Wherley, an AOR manager for Yetter. “In addition to precise fertilizer placement, the screw-adjust allows producers to make adjustments to the depth setting of the residue management wheel quickly and with ease.

“For today’s large-scale agriculture operations, time is money. This combo saves both!” Wherley added.

The unit is effective because the residue manager’s wheels clear just the right amount of residue for the opener. Residue is moved away from the front of both the planter’s true-V opener and the combo unit’s double disc opener. The floating feature allows the residue manager to easily handle changing soil contours. The unit is designed to eliminate hair-pinning, so no residue is left in the seed trench.

Planter bounce is also controlled, making for consistent seed and fertilizer placement. Fertilizer placement is adjustable for both depth and distance from the row, making it easy to hit the root zone and supply adequate nutrients for healthy plants and better stands.

The screw-adjust feature allows for depth adjustment in 1/16-inch increments. “There are no pins to adjust — just turn the self-detent adjustment knob,” said Wherley.

All Yetter residue management wheel options are available on the 2962-005 series. The double-disc opener is available with 13.5-inch-diameter notched and 12.5”-diameter smooth variations.

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