Yetter Firming Wheel on time for planting season

A new Firming Wheel from Yetter Farm Equipment hits the market just in time for the spring planting season. This closing-wheel system takes sealing the seed opening to the next level.

The Firming Wheel complements spike closing wheels by gently firming the seed zone, which helps create an ideal seedbed. “A perfect seed environment is the result,” said Yetter Territory Manager Jason Chute.

“Spike closing wheels are great to eliminate sidewall compaction and loosen the soil beside the seed, but field conditions vary, and in some situations, the seedbed may still be less than ideal,” Chute explained. “If producers who are experiencing challenging soil conditions add Yetter Firming Wheels to their planters, a more uniform growing environment can be created.”

A Yetter Firming Wheel also helps prevent air pockets. That benefit, combined with its ability to create a uniform growing environment and a welcoming seedbed, result in even emergence. “Producers know even emergence is one of the biggest keys to maximizing yields,” said Chute.

Growers currently using a setup with two spike closing wheels should consider adding a firming wheel as a solution to firm up the seed zone and help prevent soil erosion.

The Firming Wheel from Yetter Farm Equipment has adjustable spring pressure and pivot to follow the changing terrain. Its benefits won’t disappoint producers looking to increase the effectiveness of their spike closing wheels.

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