Yetter delivers residue management for Monosem planters

A new residue manager designed to partner perfectly with Monosem narrow-row and twin-row planters is now available from Yetter Farm Equipment. The attachment is a solid choice to improve seedbeds and offers return-on-investment in all types of tillage conditions.

“Yetter recognizes the need to offer residue management solutions that not only tackle tough conditions, but also fit a variety of planter setups.

Our growers can count on Yetter to continue to design solutions that meet their unique needs. This option fits Monosem planters set up for 15-inch or twin-rows,” said Yetter Territory Manager Ryan Cramer.

The 2967-003 Single Wheel Residue Manager for Monosem Planters — available in right and left hand models — has an adjustable downstop. This feature allows the row cleaner to be set to float and follow the soil’s contour.

The residue manager’s design enables it to effectively clear debris from in front of the planter’s V-openers without throwing residue into adjacent rows, another benefit important in conservation-tillage conditions.

Designed to last a lifetime, the unit is mounted on a heavy-duty, cast-iron hub that features a greasable, double-row ball bearing for extended service life. The residue manager has a high-strength, tubular-mounting, steel arm, as well as heavy-duty pivots on the mounting bracket.

By using the 2967-003 Single Wheel Residue Manager, producers can prepare a better seedbed and expect soil to warm more quickly. “Yetter residue managers help create better seed-to-soil contact, which promotes even emergence. Producers get a better return-on-investment from seed dollars,” said Cramer.

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