Valley Irrigation introduces the 5000 series

Valley Irrigation, a technology leader in precision irrigation, introduced its new 5000 series during Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Neb.

This latest addition to the comprehensive line of irrigation equipment from Valley Irrigation is designed specifically for irrigation of production agriculture on small fields, from 10 to 60 acres. The 5000 series will help producers maximize water efficiency while improving productivity.

“The 5000 series is unlike any other options producers have for small fields because it was designed specifically for production ag,” said Wade Sikkink, equipment product manager for Valley Irrigation. “Until now, growers that wanted or needed to irrigate fields smaller than 60 acres had limited options. They either chose labor intensive methods like flood or solid set, or tried to make equipment do things it wasn’t designed to do, which isn’t very efficient.

A single phase power option is also available, which will be very attractive to those customers where 3-phase power is not readily available.”

Sikkink said not only is the 5000 series designed specifically for production ag, but it also was built to match the high Valley standards of durability and reliability.

Shane Darrington, a row crop producer from Declo, Idaho, attests to the quality and efficiency of the 5000 series, as well as the entire line of Valley equipment.

Darrington had two 5000 series machines installed a year ago as part of the Valley field qualification process. Each machine has auto-reverse and covers 15 acres on a half circle.

“Before installing the 5000 series we had hand line or solid set irrigation on that ground and it took people to run them,” Darrington said. “With all of the technology available, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to still require labor to move the pipe.”

“In addition to labor efficiency, the 5000 series is lighter weight,” Darrington added. “Sugarbeets require a lot of water, so it’s easy for irrigation equipment to form ruts in those fields. But with the 5000 series, the tracks are very shallow.”

In addition to saving on labor costs and improving overall efficiency, Darrington’s 5000 series machines have been running seamlessly and haven’t needed any maintenance since being installed.

Even before using the 5000 series equipment, Darrington had a number of irrigation machines from Valley and other manufacturers running on his operation, but he believes Valley is a top-notch company with unmatched products. He has some Valley pivots that have been running more than 35 years, which is why he chose to install several new Valley pivots recently as his operation converts all irrigated land to pivots.

“For more than 50 years, Valley Irrigation has been dedicated to developing durable products that help producers maximize efficiency and profitability,” Sikkink added. “Producers can count on the 5000 series continuing that tradition.”

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