Toro adds Layflat Hose to product line

Toro Micro-Irrigation is pleased to announce the addition of Layflat Hose to its extensive product offering of water management solutions.

Resulting from a strategic partnership with Sun-Flow, Inc. of Torrance, Calif., Layflat Hose is a popular product among agricultural growers for sub-main piping in a drip irrigation system. Toro will stock 1.5” to 8” Layflat Hose in their El Cajon, Calif., and Sanford, Fla., locations. Larger sizes as well as the high pressure products are readily available upon request.

Layflat is commonly used for mainlines and sub-mains for irrigation lateral lines and for general water transfer. Key reasons why customers use layflat as an alternative to other piping materials include ease of installation and removal, system portability and the ability to handle higher working pressures. Sun-Flow is the only major manufacturer of Layflat products in the United States. Their unique process utilizes the most yarn per square-inch of the product, giving it the industry’s best working pressure while minimizing elongation and twisting due to changes in temperature and pressure.

Dealers benefit from buying Layflat Hose directly through Toro and reducing freight expense by packaging with other Toro products such as Aqua-Traxx, Blue Stripe Hose, Drip In and Blueline Premium Dripline. Since dealers can now drop-ship Layflat Hose directly to a farm along with other quality irrigation products from Toro, they can further save time and money.

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