Topcon introduces auto-steering system

Topcon Precision Agriculture introduces the System 250 auto-steering application that combines multi-constellation and combination receiver/controller features of the AGI-3 with the all-in-one control features of Topcon’s X20 console.

A wide range of off-road vehicles are supported for this auto-steering system, utilizing either direct interface through CANbus or ISObus, or the high-performance AES-25 Electric Steering. The system is designed specifically for parallel autosteering operations.

The X20 console provides farming operators with technological tools to combat the increasing cost of fuel, chemicals and fertilizers and the need to ensure improved environmental control. It is a completely integrated controller with modular extensions designed to control every aspect of agricultural system management including, spraying, seeding, spreading, fertilizing, autosection control, variable rate control and the all new CropSpec crop canopy sensor.

Orders are now being accepted for the new system.

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