Tobguard registered in major soybean producing states

Topguard, a stable, systemic fungicide with both curative and preventive activity against key soybean diseases, which received EPA registration in May, now has state registrations for all major soybean producing states.

“Soybean producers can now use this effective tool to control many soybean diseases, including soybean rust, which is now a threat in many parts of the country every year,” says Jim Barrentine, technical services director for Cheminova, Inc. “In fact, Topguard is the most effective material available for soybean rust. Growers will find that Topguard maximizes and protects soybean yields by effectively controlling diseases while at the same time, not causing green stems.”

Brent Byers, Cheminova’s product manager for Topguard, says the product’s effectiveness is why U.S. growers will find it to be one of the most valuable fungicides ever offered. “Topguard exhibits excellent systemic activity and has one of the best residual disease control time frames of any fungicide available,” he says.

“It also offers outstanding crop selectivity, is readily absorbed, and translocates throughout the plant,” he says. “This means that Topguard protects new leaves as they emerge. It becomes rainfast within two hours, and because it does not cause green stems, Topguard can help to insure a smooth harvest.”

Flutriafol, the active ingredient in Topguard, has been used extensively and successfully in other countries for several years. Many U.S. growers are already familiar with Topguard because it has been used for the past three years under Section 18 Emergency Use Exemptions for soybean rust control.

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