TFI announces Fertilizer 101 initiative

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) has announced the launch of a “Fertilizer101” initiative, aimed at providing the people of the fertilizer industry, their allies in the agriculture community and the general public with a central source of information on fertilizers.

Key components of the initiative are a Fertilizer 101 book and a corresponding Web site.

“World population will grow to more than 9 billion people by the year 2050 and fertilizer will be increasingly important as modern agriculture works to feed a growing world,” said TFI President Ford B. West. “We cannot allow the idea that food comes only from the supermarket to take root. It’s in this spirit that TFI developed Fertilizer 101. We hope that readers and visitors to the Web site will gain information that provides a better understanding of what fertilizer is and why it’s so important to our future.”

Fertilizer 101 replaces TFI’s Fertilizer Handbook, a well established industry resource for fertilizer information. As was the case with the Fertilizer Handbook, the new book and Web site cover the important fertilizer fundamentals including information on essential nutrients, fertilizer production and definitions of commonly used fertilizer products.

In addition, the new resources contain the latest information regarding nutrients in the environment and product safety and security, including content on fertilizers and human health as well as information on nutrient stewardship by farmers and home gardeners.

“As TFI works daily to educate Capitol Hill staff, representatives of regulatory agencies and the media, we identified the need for a centralized fertilizer resource for individuals who may not have a technical background,” said West. “Through the tools produced in the Fertilizer 101 initiative, we hope to educate key decision makers and the general public about the steps being taken to ensure science and stewardship guide the industry’s actions.”

The Fertilizer 101 book is available for purchase from TFI at a cost of $39.95 per copy. TFI members can order copies at the discounted price of $14.95 per copy. Order forms may be obtained online at