Tenet vegetable fungicide granted registration

Isagro USA has announced the EPA registration of Tenet fungicide, a biorational product to be marketed exclusively in the United States by SipcamAdvan.

Tenet provides outstanding disease protection in vegetable crops, offering growers excellent control of root and collar rot diseases caused by Phythopthora capsici, Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Fusarium. Developed by researchers at Isagro in Europe, Tenet fungicide was fully developed and tested in a wide range of crops in the U.S.

A second-generation biorational fungicide, Tenet contains two distinct natural strains of disease-killing microbes — Trichoderma asperellum and Trichoderma gamsii — both of which are effective in a broad range of temperatures and humidity. This combination allows Tenet to effectively and consistently protect crops under varying environmental conditions.

Tenet fungicide delivers multiple modes of action against soil-borne root diseases. The active microbes in Tenet consume harmful root disease organisms, thus preventing crop infection. Since it contains living microbes, Tenet remains biologically active on plant roots and in the soil giving prolonged disease protection.

The naturally occurring active ingredients of Tenet help vegetable growers manage residues when they use Tenet as part of their disease control program, easing their worries about export restrictions and rejected crops.

“Tenet fungicide adds an exciting new option in the tool kit growers have available to stay competitive in today’s global agricultural economy,” said Adam Burnhams, SipcamAdvan vice-president of marketing and sales. “This new product launch is part of our commitment to expand our product line and provide growers with flexible solutions as part of their integrated pest and disease management programs.”

“We are very pleased to be working with SipcamAdvan to bring the advantages of Tenet to the U.S. grower,” said Denny Krass, president of Isagro USA. “The active ingredients in Tenet have been offering superior disease control to European growers for several seasons, and we are delighted those benefits will now be available to U.S. growers.”

For additional information visit http://www.sipcamadvan.com.