SureHarvest announces GIS-based reporting tool

SureHarvest’s latest product is Farming InSight, a GIS-based decision support and reporting tool providing growers a visual display of farming data from anywhere, at anytime.

“With Farming InSight, we want to provide growers with an analytical tool for visualizing what is happening in the field at any given moment, and provide timely analysis for growers to make quick farming management decisions,” says Robin Wood, SureHarvest Chief Technology Officer.

“Farming InSight integrates farming data with a GIS-map to provide a visually powerful way to analyze what is happening in the field and provide answers to questions on how to best allocate resources. For example, simply by opening a Web browser, a farm manager can see the history of water applied by block, which blocks are stressed, and decide how to allocate water resources according to the quality target of each block — all with one glance,” explains Wood. Farming InSight ranch maps are displayed with collapsible window panes to view and drill down into the source data. The database is queried each time a report is requested in order to display the most recent data.

Farming InSight is a companion product to SureHarvest Farming MIS, resulting from the SureHarvest acquisition of ScanControl last January.

SureHarvest Farming MIS is a database management software tool to schedule, track, analyze and report all farming activities, including scouting, chemical-fertilizer applications, irrigation, yield forecasting, harvest and labor management. Farming InSight reports are generated by retrieving data collected in Farming MIS.

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