Sunflower offers new tillage tools

AGCO/Sunflower is offering two new tillage products – the Sunflower 6650-48 vertical tillage tool and two larger split wing 1436SW disk harrows. Both can both be seen at the AGCO demonstration plots during the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, Aug. 26–28.

Sunflower 6650-48 Vertical Tillage Tool

According to Larry Kuster, AGCO senior marketing specialist for tillage, the 6650-48 “provides a significant boost in productivity by harnessing the potential of high-horsepower tractors with the ability to cover more than 38 acres an hour.”

According the Sunflower, “the blade design and 18-degree offset gang angle of Sunflower vertical tillage tools provide optimum performance in cutting and sizing crop residue. The residue left behind by these tools creates a surface that is resistant to wind and water erosion.”

 The tool folds to transport dimensions of 18 feet, 2 inches.

“Vertical tillage, while necessary in the fall, is also an excellent management practice in the spring,” Kuster said. “It helps open cold, wet soils to warming and drying sunlight to encourage optimum conditions for planting.”

The 6650-48 frame features a stronger, heavier frame, and is cross-braced and gusseted for added strength and maintenance-free service, Sunflower said in a press release.

A hydraulic cylinder locks the hinge in the in-field working position, permitting the hinge to pivot only on the lower pivot point located close to the disk gang, which provides for a greater range of negative flex of the wing so the tool can closely follow changes in terrain.

The 6650-48 uses two walking-beam pivot points to create a series of walking tandem wheels. “The wheels work as a team, sharing the burden of obstacles as a pair,” Kuster said. “When encountering an obstacle, the lead tire couples with the second tire to complete the first walking tandem. As the tool progresses over the obstacle, the second tire becomes the lead tire for the second walking tandem. As the tire is elevated, a weight transfer removes the first tire from the sequence, and pivoting is then shared between the second and third tires.”

New Split-Wing 1436SW Disc Harrows

Sunflower 1436 Series of tandem disk harrows offers the 1436-33SW and the 1436-38SW with true working widths of 33 feet, 3 inches and 38 feet, respectively, and feature 20-degree gang angles with full-concavity blades to provide producers with ample residue-cutting ability to manage the toughest Bt corn residue and heavy stalks of modern hybrids.

“These new harrows leverage the power of high-horsepower tractors to work more acres,” Kuster said, “while they mix residue and topsoil to provide an ideal environment for microbial decomposition of the stalks.”

Heavy frames on the 1436SW are designed for structural integrity in the toughest field conditions, and bring up to 600 pounds per working-width foot to opening and mixing the soil.

Both front and rear gangs on the 1436SW are offset to allow the front gang to clear-cut the entire width of the soil profile. Both sets of gangs ride on C-Flex bearing standards to absorb shock encountered when striking obstacles such as rocks and stumps.

The 1436-33SW has a transport width of 15 feet, 6 inches and a folded height of 13 feet, while the 1436-38SW folds to 17 feet, 11 inches and 13 feet high.

Farmers also have their choice of three types of finishing reels to run behind the new harrows to mix soil, mash clods and break up root wads, available in 11-inch- and 14-inch-diameter flat-bar design for aggressive clod crushing, or the 14-inch-diameter chevron type preferred for soil compression.

For more information on either the 6650-48 vertical tillage tool or the 1436SW Series tandem disc harrows, visit your Sunflower dealer or