Sukup expands grain bin line-up

Sukup has expanded its grain bin line-up with the addition of Medium-Duty Hopper Bins. Sukup Medium-Duty Hopper Bins are ideal for use as a wet holding tank for a Sukup Grain Dryer. They also may be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time.

Sukup uses their extra-strong bin stiffeners as the legs for the Medium-Duty Hopper Bins. These legs extend to nearly cover the bottom two rings of the bin, providing additional support for the sidewalls. Fifteen-foot and 18-foot diameter Medium-Duty Hopper Bins have three legs per sidewall sheet, while 21-foot diameter bins have four legs per sheet.

Angle-shaped leg cross bracing and C-shaped leg-to-hopper bracing provide solid support for the hopper bins. The cross bracing is located high on the legs to allow for easy access to the hopper outlet.

The sheets for the hopper portion of Sukup Medium-Duty Hopper Bins attach directly to the sidewall sheets, so there is no ledge or lip to trap grain. The hopper sheets are galvanized and bolt together.

“Sukup has had a line of Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins for a number of years that were designed for commercial applications and for use as working bins. We recently developed the Medium-Duty Hopper Bins that are more economical and better-suited for average on-farm use,” says John Hanig, Sukup Bin Sales Director.

“Of course, Sukup Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins are still available for those producers who want and/or need the added strength,” Hanig explained.

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