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Soybean oil may reduce risk of coronary heart disease

FDA allows qualified health claim for soybean oil.

The Food and Drug Administration has determined there is scientific evidence for a qualified health claim for soybean oil.

The petition, filed by Bunge North America, pointed to the potential heart health benefits of soybean oil, and manufacturers may now communicate that soybean oil may reduce coronary heart disease risk and lower LDL-cholesterol when replacing saturated fat and not increasing calories.

“The oil market is extremely important for U.S. soybean farmers, and the newly approved health claim will enable manufacturers of soybean oil to communicate to consumers about the heart-healthy benefits of soybean oil," said ASA President Ron Moore, a farmer from Roseville, Ill. "As we compete within the market against other oils, having FDA recognize the ability of soybean oil to provide a superior omega-3 fatty acid profile while also lowering bad cholesterol levels is a benefit to consumers and to producers alike. Heart-healthy soybean oil creates a potential for growth in a time when net farm income is down.” 

Source: ASA

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