Research shows benefits of Headline fungicide

A recently released research summary shows that Headline fungicide effectively controls a broad spectrum of corn and soybean diseases, provides plant health benefits and maximizes crop yields.

The Headline Fungicide Yield Research Summary demonstrates that the BASF fungicide provides corn growers approximately a 3 bushel per acre yield advantage over other available fungicides.

“Growers are constantly weighing the practices and inputs they use for successfully growing a crop and maintaining their business,” said Nick Fassler, BASF technical market manager. “BASF conducts this exhaustive research so growers can be assured that selecting Headline will help them meet their operational goals.”

The results of the report are based on a summary of university small plot trials, seed company hybrid evaluations and large scale, on-farm side-by-side comparisons of Headline from 2004 to 2009. Headline was applied with a 6 ounces per acre use rate in all tests. Compared to untreated checks, research shows a 13.5 bushel per acre average yield increase and 12.2, 16.9 and 19.4 bushel per acre yield improvements under conditions of low, moderate and high disease pressure, respectively, in corn.

In soybeans, an overall 3.5–5.5 bushel per acre yield increase was demonstrated, along with a 7.3 bushel per acre yield advantage in east and Southeast soybean trials.

Over the past 10 years, BASF has supported the evaluation of Headline utilizing a wide variety of expertise, experiences and ideas across diverse geographies to demonstrate its disease control and yield benefits.

“Participants in Headline evaluations have included researchers from universities, retailers, BASF and growers themselves,” Fassler said. “The first Headline users began by applying it to portions of their acreage and conducting their own on-farm, side-by-side trials.”

Early on, growers recognized the disease control and plant health benefits of Headline, which included improved stalk strength, standability and harvest efficiency in corn, and extended leaf retention and seed quality improvements in soybeans. Growers have since adopted Headline to prevent disease, improve plant health and increase yield, ultimately providing a higher return on investment. As a result, Headline fungicide has become the leading foliar fungicide for corn and soybeans based on the treated acres and market share over the past five years.

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