Reinke introduces touch screen control panel

Reinke Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, announced the release of its new touch screen control panel, the RPM Preferred with Touch Technology.

The innovative touch screen panel fits into the existing Reinke Precision Management (RPM) line of control panel technology and is available now at Reinke dealers.

“All of Reinke’s products are designed with the grower in mind, first and foremost,” said Tim Goldhammer, vice president of marketing, Reinke Manufacturing. “Our RPM Preferred panel with Touch Technology is no different. We are excited for growers to begin recognizing its ease of use, customization properties and capabilities for increasing their yields.”

As farmers consistently look for ways to simplify the programming of their mechanized irrigation systems, Reinke is the first manufacturer to introduce irrigation system touch screen control panel technology to the market. The RPM Preferred with Touch Technology is designed to make for a faster and more intuitive process for such irrigation operations.

Implemented short cuts provide the control panel user with immediate access for programming end guns, phase converters, chemical pumps, well pumps and auxiliaries. User customization capabilities also allow for ease of tailoring water and chemical applications to match slope and soil conditions.

Built on a Microsoft Windows platform, the LCD panel of the RPM Preferred with Touch Technology is built to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity and is sunlight readable. It is equipped with an integrated system scheduling application as well as capabilities for history logs, wet/dry ratios and weather data. The touch screen panel can also be retrofitted into existing Reinke control panels.

Reinke has long been proactive in center pivot irrigation technology. The company was the first to patent the "bow-string" truss system that most pivots use today, as well as the first to produce a stainless steel mainline pivot. More recent to the agriculture market, Reinke has successfully led the way in incorporating GPS technology into center pivot system management, and the company just announced its new five-year structural warranty — the longest offered throughout the industry.

“We consistently strive to introduce new products to the market that increase the convenience, efficiency and effectiveness for producers everywhere,” added Goldhammer. “Our research and development team is dedicated to keeping Reinke on the forefront in creating the latest in center pivot innovations and technology.”

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