Reinke introduces flexible 3-wheel tower base

Reinke Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, is excited to announce the release of its new Flexible Three-Wheel Tower. The tower, particularly designed to provide improved flotation and traction in difficult soils, operates using all standard drive train components and is available now at Reinke dealers nationwide.

“Reinke is excited to introduce the Flexible Three-Wheel Tower to the market,” said Tim Goldhammer, vice-president of marketing, Reinke Manufacturing. “Improving the outcome of the growing season for our customers is our No. 1 priority at Reinke. The tower’s patent pending design is the first of its kind and is intended to improve overall irrigation effectiveness.”

Unlike other 3-wheeled towers on the market today, the flexible tower design keeps all three tires on the ground at all times. This places a more consistent load on the drive train even while it provides power to all three wheels. Keeping all three wheels on the ground reduces the load on each tire and improves flotation, thereby reducing wheel ruts.

The extra tower base width of the structure allows the tower to cross trouble spots where standard towers might become stuck or high-centered. The flexibility and increased truss stability combine to greatly reduce the likelihood of span roll when traversing ditches and ridges.

“We are extremely proud of this tower, and it has been well-received so far,” added Goldhammer. “The unique design allows producers to have a more consistent, as well as productive, irrigation season.”

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