Steadfast ATZ herbicide available

A premix of nicosulfuron, rimsulfuron and atrazine active ingredients, Steadfast ATZ provides both contact and residual control of labeled grasses and broadleaf weeds. State registrations of Steadfast ATZ herbicide are pending.

“The addition of Steadfast ATZ to the DuPont crop protection lineup provides growers another sound postemergence choice for controlling grasses and broadleaf weeds in field corn,” says Kevin Diehl, corn crop protection manager for DuPont. “This new premix is especially effective in controlling grasses such as foxtails and johnsongrass and broadleaf weeds, including lambsquarters and eastern black nightshade.”

Steadfast ATZ can be used in a one-pass postemergence application or in a planned two-pass program. It is appropriate for use on field corn from spike to 12” tall, up to and including six leaf collars. Steadfast ATZ provides burndown of grasses and broadleaf weeds at the time of application. It also delivers residual control when an activating rainfall is received within seven days after application.

Steadfast ATZ is available in a water-dispersible granular form and requires the use of a crop oil concentrate or nonionic surfactant in addition to ammonium nitrogen fertilizer for best results.

For more information on Steadfast ATZ herbicide, contact your local DuPont crop protection retailer. Steadfast ATZ is a restricted-use herbicide and is not available in all states. See your local DuPont retailer or representative for details and availability in your state. Always read and follow label directions when using this product.

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