Plant Health Care, Syngenta announce Harpin agreement

Plant Health Care, a leading provider of naturally derived products to the agriculture and landscape industries, announces it has signed a research agreement with Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. to evaluate and possibly develop Plant Health Care’s Harpin protein as a foliar spray in combination with a number of Syngenta’s major products.

In trials, Harpin has been shown to significantly increase yields on a variety of crops when applied in combination with other active ingredients. Syngenta will test various Harpin formulations in combination with a number of leading Syngenta fungicidal, insecticidal and growth regulating products. Improvements in yield, plant health and product efficacy will be evaluated in a range of crop and production situations. In cases where testing identifies synergies from combining Harpin protein with Syngenta’s products, the parties intend to develop full, long-term commercialization arrangements.

In July 2010, Plant Health Care announced its first agreement with Syngenta to develop and market its Harpin protein as a foliar spray in combination with Syngenta’s herbicide products containing glyphosate. The combined treatment will be suitable for all crops that are tolerant to glyphosate, which is applied on more than 200 million acres worldwide per year.  

The board of Plant Health Care believes that working with a major industry partner in this way is the best way to screen and identify commercial opportunities for the foliar application of Harpin proteins.

Harpin is a specific protein that activates a plant’s innate ability to protect itself and enhance growth and yield. The technology offers the potential of yield improvement, suppression of pests such as nematodes and protection against damaging diseases, as well as additive plant performance benefits.

John Brady, CEO of Plant Health Care, said, “This is an exciting opportunity to expand our relationship with the leader in the crop protection industry. We believe there are strong synergistic opportunities between the two companies’ product lines which this agreement will allow us to explore fully.”

Rusty Wendt, head, Insecticide and Fungicide Brand Management, Syngenta Crop Protection said,“We look forward to exploring the Harpin technology and its potential to bring additional value to Syngenta product offerings and ultimately to our grower customers,” Researching innovative solutions to boost biological performance, crop yield and plant performance and bringing them to market is the core of our business.”

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