PhytoGen introduces new cotton varieties for 2010

PhytoGen announces it is introducing a limited number of new varieties in 2010, including its first entry into the mid- to full-season market with PhytoGen brand PHY 565 WRF.

“Based on years of discriminating study, we’ve selected PhytoGen variety PHY 565 WRF to be our first entry into the mid- to full-season market,” says Joe Johnson, full-season cotton breeder at Dow AgroSciences. “We’ve taken a thorough look at this line, and it has shown to have a good staple length and loan value.”

PhytoGen also introduces another mid- to full-maturing variety, PhytoGen brand PHY 525 RF, available with only Genuity Roundup Ready Flex. Also new for 2010 is PhytoGen brand PHY 367 WRF, a new early maturing, nematode-tolerant variety that should perform well in the northern Delta.

PhytoGen offers these and other varieties with the most advanced in-plant cotton protection options, such as two-gene WideStrike Insect Protection, in addition to Roundup Ready and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex.

Following is the lineup of new PhytoGen cottonseed varieties, along with the respective trait technologies, now available to growers.

• PHY 367 WRF — This early maturing variety was selected for its excellent early season vigor, root-knot nematode tolerance, high yield potential and good fiber quality. It is another variety stacked with both WideStrike and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex.

• PHY 565 WRF — A mid- to full-maturing variety with high yield potential, PHY 565 WRF is a new variety selected for broad adaptation and good to excellent fiber quality. This option for growers also is stacked with WideStrike and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex.

• PHY 525 RF — Also new for 2010, PHY 525 RF is a mid- to full-maturing variety selected for broad adaptation, high yield potential and good to excellent fiber quality. This variety should appeal to growers who are looking for a Genuity Roundup Ready Flex-only variety.

• PHY 375 WRF — Although availability was limited in 2009, PHY 375 WRF has become a leading Upland variety across the Cotton Belt. In fact, it was the No. 1 planted variety in the Delta region in 2009.

• WideStrike and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex stacked PHY 375 WRF is an indeterminate, early maturing variety. It has the capacity to keep growing in stressful environments and matures quicker than other varieties when the crop is protected from early season insects. The excellent vigor and growth habit leads to a high degree of yield stability and fiber quality atypical of early maturing cotton varieties.

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