Outback Guidance: eDrive GPS Assisted Steering

Outback Guidance has entered the auto-steer market with the introduction of eDrive GPS Assisted Steering. The eDrive works in conjunction with the Outback S GSP Guidance System to provide smooth, hands-free steering in both straight guidance and contour guidance modes.

Each eDrive system is delivered with a model-specific installation kit. Clear, step-by-step instructions, with pictures, accompany all the hoses, fittings and brackets for the specific model of tractor or self-propelled sprayer. Within two hours, the system is installed and running with no special training required.

Once eDrive is installed, it only takes about 15 minutes to learn to operate the system. Turn it on, start down the first A-B guideline and let go. That's it.

The advertised price is $6,499, which includes a $299 three-year ESP extended service plan.

eDrive is the only GPS Assisted Steering System available with contour driving capability. The patented dynamic look-ahead capability on the Outback S base unit enables eDrive to provide high pass-to-pass accuracy, even in compound curves.

eDrive Assisted Steering is currently available for a large number of tractor brands and models. Most recently, a host of Model Specific Installation Kits were introduced that make Outback eDrive available for most self-propelled sprayers. Models available in the recent model availability expansion include: Ag-Chem RoGator Sprayers, Model 854; Case SPX Sprayers, Models 3150, 3185, 3200-B, 3200 and 4260; John Deere Sprayers, Models 6500, 6700, 4700, and 4710; Tyler Patriot Sprayers, Models 150, XS and WT.

For more information on eDrive GPS Assisted Steering, call 800-247-3808 to speak directly to a customer support representative, or visit the Web site at www.OutbackGuidance.com.

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