New-Holland introduces heavy-duty square baler

Commercial and other high-volume hay producers can now take advantage of a new, heavier-duty version of North America’s best-selling 14 X 18 baler: New Holland’s BC5070 Hayliner small square baler.

The new Hayliner produces denser, uniform bales that are more consistent in length so they’re easier to pick up and handle with automatic bale wagons.

New Holland’s new BC5070 Hayliner small square baler offers a heavier-duty design and performance features over the standard BC5070 model. The Hayliner bale case is 12 inches longer and 20 percent thicker than the standard case for better bale shape and greater unit strength and durability. Wheels and tires are larger for better flotation and smoother operation.

A heavy-duty, higher-capacity eight-ball twine box is 35 percent larger than on the standard model to accept bigger twine balls, so more time can be spent baling before replacing twine balls.

Hydraulically controlled side tension rails replace the standard model’s hand-adjusted density doors. The rails apply more consistent pressure to each bale to produce heavier, denser bales. And for longer life and better performance in straw, cast iron wedges replace the front set of sheet metal wedges.

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