New Goodyear tires fit rice, cane markets

Goodyear Farm Tires — a Titan Tire Corporation brand —has introduced the Goodyear Special Sure Grip TD-8 Radial R-2 480/80R50 tires to address the specific needs of the rice and cane markets.

“Titan has made a commitment to this market and the unique crop production challenges experienced by rice and cane farmers,” says Jeff Vasichek, vice-president of sales and marketing for Titan. “Until now, farmers used R-1W or R-2 46-inch tires, which limited their ability to plant 30-inch rows and didn’t give them the clearance needed in wet field conditions with tall crops.”

Titan engineered the Special Sure Grip tires working with rice and cane farmers and Bobby Henard Tire, one of its Titan and Goodyear brand dealers located in Brinkley, Ark.

The Special Sure Grip tires allow rice and cane farmers to plant in 30-inch rows helping to maximize crop yields. In addition, the tires provide additional crop clearance and improved floatation in wet fields, and the extra lug bracing provides strength for the horsepower needed in rice and cane conditions.

“Titan took the lead in working with rice and cane farmers to develop a solution that would address their unique crop production challenges,” says Bruce Proctor with Bobby Henard Tire. “The Goodyear Special Sure Grip addresses the major limitations of using standard R-2 tires in rice and cane crop production. These tires really open up a number of opportunities.

Research shows planting in 30-inch rows can help increase yield, but farmers have not had a tire until now that would effectively allow them to take advantage of 30-inch row planting. The Special Sure Grip tire is also capable of harvesting in extremely wet conditions while providing greater clearance and added traction.”

Goodyear Farm Tires are manufactured by Titan Tire Corporation a subsidiary of Titan International. For more information on Goodyear Farm Tire products or to locate a dealer near you, visit the company’s Web site at