Monty’s introduces Dri-Carbon Soil Conditioner

Kentucky-based Monty’s Plant Food Company has introduced a new crop management tool for farmers — Monty’s Dri-Carbon Soil Conditioner — to help famers improve the soil in their fields. 

Dri-Carbon helps relieve soil compaction caused by lack of water or heavy machinery. Dri-Carbon may also improve drainage and nutrient efficiency. Monty’s Dri-Carbon is available in 50 lb. bags and 2,000 lb. super sacks.   

 Soil conditioners help restore organic matter to the soil, which can help improve yield often lost to poor soils. Farmers can mix Monty’s Dri-Carbon with any granulated product, such as fertilizer, that they are applying to their fields for convenient application. The product is also soluble.  

Dri-Carbon is the third soil conditioning product from Monty’s Plant Food, and was developed to provide additional application options. Monty’s Liquid Carbon Soil Conditioner has been harvesting results for farmers since 2003.

“We  developed Dri-Carbon in response to the need expressed by some farmers to apply soil conditioner with other granular products,” said Dennis Stephens, president of Monty’s Plant Food Company. “Applying soil conditioners in the spring or fall before planting will help seeds germinate quickly and establish a good root system. With both liquid and granular options for soil conditioner, farmers can now choose the product that best fits their application needs.”

Certified crop advisers recommend soil conditioning twice each year — once in the fall and once in the spring prior to planting. The fall application jump starts the breakdown of crop stubble, generates activity in the soil throughout the winter months and helps relieve compaction as it lies beneath snowfall and receives moisture during cooler months.   

Since 1997, Monty’s Plant Food Company has researched and developed products to assist in solving agricultural challenges. Monty’s Crop Management Program is powered by a patented-based proprietary amendments and nutrients package.

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