Monsanto tours to display latest technologies

Monsanto Company’s latest trait technologies for corn, soybeans and cotton will be on display in fields across the U.S. this summer at Genuity Technology Showcase Tours.

Themed “Trait Talk,” these events highlight the latest advances in biotechnology and agronomic practices that can help farmers increase productivity and yield opportunity.

Last year, more than 18,000 farmers participated in the Technology Showcase series. This season, 21 sites across the Corn and Cotton Belts will again give farmers, seed dealers and other industry members the opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of next-generation Genuity biotechnology traits, as well as preview future trait innovations in Monsanto’s research and development pipeline.

Featured products and agronomic practices will include:

Corn Belt Technology Showcase Tours

The newest reduced refuge products:

• Genuity SmartStax corn

• Genuity VT Double PRO corn.

• Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans.

• Acceleron seed treatment products for corn and soybeans.

• Weed management and corn plant population.

• Genuity pipeline products, including:

• Monsanto’s Refuge in the Bag (RIB) technology, which contains both traited and refuge corn seed in a single bag. A separate refuge would not be required.

• Drought tolerance in corn

• Vistive Gold soybeans.

Cotton Belt Technology Showcase Tours

• Genuity Bollgard II cotton and Genuity Bollgard II with Roundup Ready Flex cotton.

• Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans.

Reduced refuge Genuity VT Triple PRO corn with corn earworm protection.

• Acceleron seed treatment products for corn, soybeans and cotton.

• Genuity SmartStax corn, which was launched in the Midwest this season.

• Corn plant population and weed management.

• Drought-tolerant cotton, a pipeline technology.

Genuity trait technologies are designed to play a key role in helping farmers maximize their yield and profitability, while also producing and conserving more to help meet growing global demand for food, fuel and fiber.

Farmers who wish to participate in a Technology Showcase tour can visit or contact their seed rep or agronomist for information about tour locations and schedules.