McCrometer system enhances irrigation efficiency

Irrigators will find the new RemoteCONNECT Telemetry System from McCrometer enhances irrigation by delivering up-to-date flow data via the Internet for centralized monitoring and control, which takes the guesswork out of water management and frees irrigators to focus on other critical tasks.

The RemoteCONNECT System is a turn-key wireless remote monitoring system with 24/7 capability, which reduces costly manual data collection. McCrometer, the irrigation industry’s most trusted flow meter supplier for 55 years, now provides a single go-to source for automated flow measurement system hardware, software, installation, training, support and field service.

RemoteCONNECT comprises all the components necessary for Web-based data collection from McCrometer’s Mc Propeller Meter, or meters from other manufacturers as well as other ag water management sensors. McCrometer has developed two different RemoteCONNECT systems to meet the needs of irrigators with unique needs. Both systems are expandable over time and can be configured to provide soil moisture, water level, water salinity and rainfall data, helping prevent over-watering to reduce costs.

The RemoteCOM Telemetry System supports up to 25 flow meter radio transmission units, which feed data to a satellite base station that sends data to a secure Web server. With the RemoteCOM Telemetry System, one satellite base station supports 25 propeller meters and makes the system a highly economical solution for multiple meter sites and large distributed irrigation systems.

McCrometer also has developed a SatCOM Telemetry System that is designed for remote locations. The SatCOM Telemetry System supports one flow meter radio transmission unit that sends data directly to a secure Web server. This system can acquire data on demand and control equipment in the field.

McCrometer’s RemoteCONNECT online interface is a secure-access, Web-based irrigation management tool. It features an easy-to use graphical-user interface that provides flow rate and totalizer data for each propeller meter with a wide range of sophisticated monitoring, alarming and control tools.

Web access to flow data also eliminates the need for local office data servers and modems. Remote data can be collected at customer specified intervals from 30 minutes to 24 hours. A Google Earth view of the site is available too.

With McCrometer’s online RemoteCONNECT, irrigators can monitor water-use quotas, set alarms to indicate high/low usage rates, look at well site images and track data by individual farm number. Individual flow meters can be accuracy checked for hours flowed, volume and size of meter. Low battery alerts are provided as well. Graph and trend line analysis tools are built-into the system.

Comprehensive availability of flow data tells irrigators how water is applied to ensure accurate billing and water allocation records. This information alerts irrigators when they are close to exceeding allocation limits. Notifications can even be provided to multiple specific users via email and text messaging or paging.

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