Marrone submits new insecticide registration

Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI) announces the submission of a new bioinsecticide to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This submission is the fourth new product to be submitted to the EPA by MBI since December 2008.

Other products pending approval include an invasive mussel control product for waterways called Zequanox, a new microbial insecticide for control of sucking insects and beetle pests, and a new microbial herbicide for controlling weeds in turf, rice, and other grain crops.

The bioinsecticide recently submitted to the EPA is a novel strain of bacteria that MBI discovered in its screening process for natural products. It is highly active on pest caterpillars such as codling moth and armyworms, and certain sucking insects such as psyllids and spider mites. The company plans to submit the registration package to Canada's PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Authority) as well.

"This submission validates our R&D model and mission at MBI," said Marja Koivunen, MBI's vice-president of discovery, who led the team that discovered and developed this new microbial pesticide. "We have proven our screen can find novel, naturally occurring microorganisms and that we can quickly develop them into commercial products that solve pest management problems."

"The new insecticide is the perfect complement to our other insecticide awaiting approval at the EPA," states Pam Marrone, CEO and Founder of Marrone Bio Innovations. "The two together will provide growers with control of the full spectrum of pest insects. There have been few effective microbial insecticides since Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), and our new products represent the next generation of effective microbial insecticides."

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