Weed resistance and tech fees (Video)

[video: id=streamhoster-http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/scanon/8ccad1e8-1fa0-4f79-b08c-a6d883341632.flv, thumb=http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/scanon/634054500375612450.gif]

Glyphosate resistance, particularly in Palmer amaranth or pigweed, has been a hot topic at meetings throughout the Cotton and Corn Belts this winter.

Some have raised questions about why they’re continuing to pay technology fees when some of the weeds formerly controlled by glyphosate no longer are.

In this interview at the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show, Monsanto’s Dave Rhylander talks about the company’s position on combating resistance and what it’s doing to address the technology fee issue.

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