Little sympathy early for fire ant problem

Enjoyed the article on fire ants. I remember 30+ years ago when we started to have such a problem in our rolling hills of East Texas with those sorry things. We worked diligently to stop them and what we got from the county agent's office was working.

Then the decision was made that it might not be environmentally safe and it went away. Then they really got a foothold on our countryside.

I remember going to Washington many times and got little sympathy from House and Senate members and, for the most part, their aides. They could not understand why we were putting up such a fuss over something they used to liken to “a sugar ant” and did not have a clue what a fire ant was.

I still have dark spots around my ankles from bites 30 years ago.

I really did not want to go to the federal penitentiary back then, but I did think several times about gathering up several mounds and taking them with me to the D.C. area and giving them a start of these “Southern sugar ants.” I bet they would have known the difference after a few encounters!
Carter Langford
Mt. Enterprise, Texas

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