Liner 4000 takes forage raking to a new level

CLAAS of America Inc., launches the Liner 4000 rotary rake, operating on such a large scale it takes raking to another level — high capacity results in less time to rake forage material during harvest season.

In return, fewer hours in the field leads to increased longevity.

Adapting the application of traditional rotary technology into a new era, CLAAS takes an innovative step in engineered mastery with the Liner 4000.

With a 49 ft. 2 in. working width, this center delivery 4-basket rake not only moves in the field but on the road. Traveling in transport position up to 31 miles per hour, the Liner 4000 features a transport axle supported with a pressure accumulator. The swath guard automatically switches from transport to work position and vice versa. It folds with a simple touch of a button and reduces to 12 feet for transportation height so no tine arms need to be removed.

Equipped with intelligent electronics, it allows for comfortable operation. The hydraulic system is designed for constant flow, one push of a button begins to monitor the system allowing the operator to lift and lower the rotor in sequence, individually and set the overlap or windrow width.

“Taking materials long distances can impose stress on tines, frame and the basket of the rake, the Liner 4000 is built for taking on wider working widths in heavy forage — saving time and money,” stated Bob Armstrong, North American Product Marketing Manager. “The engineering behind the Liner 4000 makes it easy for operators. There’s no need to grease each tine arm individually because the arms run in an oil bath and have triple bearing support for the heavy duty arms — maintenance has never been so simple.”

Efficiency and durability is what this machine is made of — with heavy duty rotors and baskets built specifically for wide raking.

Each rotary basket can contour three-dimensionally to follow on hills or uneven terrain with ease. When the rotors are lifted, the front of the baskets lifts first so it does not dig into the ground.

Innovation speaks volumes with the Liner 4000, giving operators the peace of mind to carry the load they need with the power and advancements engineered in CLAAS machines.

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