Lindsay introduces corn production brochure

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, has produced a new corn brochure called "Increasing Corn Yields Through Efficient Irrigation Solutions."

The eight-page full-color brochure contains information on water requirements for the key stages of corn growth, including leaf and stalk development, tasseling and silking.

Other topics covered in the brochure include corn root development patterns, root zone soil water extraction, impact of evapotranspiration (ET) on corn yield, and corn irrigation optimization.

“From establishment to harvest, effective water management is important at each stage of corn growth,” says Lindsay’s Blake Onken, certified professional soil scientist. “At Lindsay, we take into account many factors when designing irrigation systems to meet specific corn grower needs, such as local microclimate, soil type and elevation.”

The brochure contains colorful charts and graphs that show the relationship between corn yield and different irrigation amounts and how corn’s water requirement is related to the crop’s evapotranspiration (ET) rate at each stage of development. Pivot options to increase water efficiency and maximize corn yield are also discussed.

For a copy of the Lindsay corn brochure, go to: