Lexion combines now have automatic lube system

CLAAS of America Inc. introduces another new feature to give producers enhanced performance in the field by offering factory-installed Lincoln Quicklub Automatic Lubrication System on new Lexion 500 R Series combine harvesters.

Engineered to prevent bearing and greased component failure, boost operational savings and increase efficiencies, the optional Auto Lube System is another performance enhancing feature on the Lexion combine.

The new Auto Lube System lubricates in motion when the machine is running for even grease distribution, eliminating the warmup time necessary for manual lubrication. Precise amounts of grease are applied automatically as needed to maintain the correct amount of grease in the bearing at all times without over-lubricating. In turn, operators reduce excess grease consumption from inadequacies found in manual grease gun applications.

Bob Armstrong, North American Product marketing manager stated, “In addition, the central lubrication plays a major role in minimizing bearing upkeep, saving labor and maintenance costs. With timed distributions, grease is automatically applied to the main daily lubrication points and continually lubricated in the field to guard against wear and tear of the components and deter contaminants from entering.”

The system reservoir can be replenished via a pneumatic pump system or manually using cartridges. Accessibility to the lubrication system is strategically located in the Lexion Battery Box for rapid servicing and manual over-ride for troubleshooting.

The Lincoln Auto Lube System is simple to operate and can be factory installed on any Lexion 500 R Series machine or ordered as an aftermarket component through your nearest Lincoln Lube dealer (http://www.lincolnlube.com). Field proven performance and reliability increases the longevity of your Lexion combine and gives the grower an edge to protect their investment.

For more information, visit http://www.claasofamerica.com.