Landoll expands drill line

Innovation comes in a smaller package with the introduction of a new 5210 Series Grain Drill from Landoll.

Initially available as a 15-foot model — 10’, 12-1/2’- and 20’ working widths will follow in the future — the 5210 Series joins the 30- and 40-foot 5530 Series as the first in its size range to feature pneumatic down-pressure springs on all row units and true no-till capabilities.

Unlike the three-section 5530 Series, the 5210 features a rigid frame with the choice of a standard hitch or Category II or III 3-point hitch mounting. In addition, the standard hitch version is also available with optional no-till coulters on a tongue-mounted gang.

“The 5210 can be configured for a wide range of applications, from conventional seeding to no-till farming to pasture management,” says Jamie Meier, Landoll sales manager for grain drills. “Although the heavy gauge seed box has a generous capacity of 3.2 bushels per foot, it can be split 60/40 with the dry fertilizer option to provide two bushels of grain seed per foot, plus 105 pounds per foot of fertilizer.”

A small grass seed option on the 5210 also allows customers to split the box between two bushels of grain and 1.2 bushels of grass seed, which is funneled through a separate set of meters. Finally, the 5210 is available in both 7 ½- and 10 inch row spacing with a choice of 2 X 13” smooth or 3 X 13” double-rib press wheels to match soil and crop conditions. A set of four flotation tires help carry the load on standard hitch models, while a spring-loaded drive wheel ensures constant soil contact on both pull-type and 3-point-mounted models.

Perhaps the best feature of the 5210, however, is Landoll’s unique pneumatic down-pressure spring that provides 120 to 400 pounds of down pressure on the 15.8-inch diameter opener blades. The two-position mounting even allows for heavier down pressure on the staggered units that follow the tractor wheel tracks.

“Unlike conventional down-pressure springs, which can provide too much or too little pressure, depending on the position of the row unit, our all-purpose air springs deliver consistent down pressure throughout the full range of travel of the opener,” Meier says. “As a result, seed is consistently placed in the bottom of the trench where it has the most potential, regardless of the terrain or soil conditions.”

Other features of the All-Purpose Air Spring Openers are forward-mounted plastic seed tubes; maintenance-free pivot points, and patent pending front-mounted soil hold-down strips that prevent soil from sticking to the blades, while helping to close the seed trench.

For more information on the Model 5210 15-foot grain drill or other Landoll products, call 785-738-6613 or visit