Landoll drills feature Air Spring Opener system

Landoll recently introduced the full line of 5530 Grain Drills. The new line of drills is the industry’s first to feature an Air Spring Opener down pressure system.

The innovative air suspension is engineered to provide consistent down pressure throughout the full range of opener travel. Compared to competitive spring down pressure systems, you no longer have to worry about the pressure decreasing while traveling through draws or burying the seed while crossing terraces.

The success of any crop starts by placing the seed where it belongs. Today this has become a reality. Whether drilling in conventionally prepared seedbeds, rolling terrain, or the toughest no-till conditions, you can count on one thing, the seed being consistently placed in the bottom of the trench where it will have the best chance of getting your crop off to a perfect start.

Other features include a planter-style seed tube that delivers the seed to the bottom of the trench. A fully hydraulic opener bar enables you to lift the openers at end row, without having to lift the entire drill. The patent pending soil hold-down strips eliminate tacky soil from sticking to the sides of the blades when drilling in damp conditions, and allows the seed trench to close on its own prior to being firmed by the trailing press wheel.

Available in 30’ and 40’ models with a dry fertilizer option, the new line of 5530 Grain Drills featuring the revolutionary air spring suspension are engineered to change the way you think about precision seed placement.

For more information contact Landoll Corporation at 1-785-738-6613 or e-mail [email protected]