JCB expands Fastrac 7000 Series tractor

CB is building upon its early success with the Fastrac 7000 Series tractors by expanding the range with the addition of a new model that offers even more power than its predecessors.

The new Fastrac 7270 was officially unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.

According to JCB’s agriculture product manager, Ray Bingley, the 7270’s performance will provide farmers and other operators with a higher level of productivity.

“The Fastrac 7270 offers all the features and benefits of the 7000 Series range,” Bingley explained. “However, the 7270 is powered by a 6.7-litre Cummins six-cylinder engine for extra power and torque, with a maximum power output of 270hp.”

With the addition of the 7270, the 7000 Series range of Fastrac tractors provides a complete generation of advanced and highly productive power units for farmers and contractors. All tractors in the 7000 Series include full all-round, self-leveling suspension that allows safe and speedy operation up to an incredible 43 miles per hour between fields while providing the industry’s finest ride comfort and excellent traction.

In addition to the innovative self-leveling rear suspension, which maintains a set ride height regardless of load, there is a similar system for the front axle. Ride-height sensors trigger a response to quickly pump up or soften the suspension whenever the load changes. The tractors maintain full suspension travel at all times, preventing front-end lift when carrying a heavy implement on the rear linkage and nose-lowering when lifting heavy front implements.

An all-new chassis supports this advanced suspension set-up, along with the bigger capacity rear axle and 20,000-lb rear and optional 7,700-lb front implement linkage systems.

A four-range, six-speed powershift transmission gives the tractors a fingertip-controlled power shuttle, with 24 forward speeds and nine reverse speeds. A touch screen monitor allows different operating modes to be selected, such as a fully automatic dynamic-shifting for road use, where the transmission will go up and down the gears according to changes in engine loads. Alternatively, the operator can manually shift up and down gears with the seat-mounted joystick.

While the 7000 Series Fastrac tractors certainly offer the ultimate in performance, they also provide unmatched operator comfort. An all-new, JCB-designed, engineered and constructed cab features a full-size seat for passengers installed alongside the luxurious, air-suspension driver’s seat. The driver’s seat has a four-post structure, giving operators first-rate visibility in all directions and allowing them to keep a close eye on implements and obstructions. The large glass area, uninterrupted by side pillars, also creates a light and airy environment with greater visibility for enhanced overall safety.

Fastrac cabs include high-volume ventilation with fully automatic climate control to increase operator comfort and minimize fatigue during long hours spent at the fully-adjustable steering wheel. Seat-mounted controls and a touch-screen information and control monitor help the driver make best use of the tractor’s productive features. Digital and analog displays provide at-a-glance updates of essential operating information on a new slim line instrument panel. On the armrest, operators can enjoy some of today’s essential high-tech fixtures and fittings, such as an MP3 player connection and a mobile The development of the new 7270 Fastrac and the enhancements to the entire Fastrac 7000 Series range of tractors demonstrate JCB’s continued dedication to helping customers get the job done.

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