High-speed Wiper Wheel joins Yetter lineup

Yetter Farm Equipment introduces the new 2987-399 Wiper Wheel for its revolutionary, high-speed 2987 Magnum fertilizer coulter.

The Wiper Wheel rolls along beside the blade, holding soil in place while the coulter blade opens a slot for fertilizer. The Wiper Wheel allows the Magnum to operate at high speeds with little soil disturbance.

The center of the Wiper Wheel is open, allowing the wheel to run efficiently when soil conditions are moist. The cutouts mean soil flows through the wheel — mud and rock buildup won’t stop this wheel from turning, even in wet soil. The open design of the wheel enhances visibility and access to the inside of the wheel.

“This new Magnum option really helps keep you rolling in the fields, even in less-than-ideal soil conditions,” said Scott Cale, A.O.R. manager. “It’s a helpful addition for pre-application of anhydrous in the fall and the spring, and it’s also a good addition when side-dressing.”

The heavy-duty construction of the Wiper Wheel means that producers can count on this Magnum option for years to come. And when repairs are necessary, its modular design guarantees that all parts are field replaceable with standard bearing and tire parts.

“Yetter is committed to continuously improving its products and their options,” Cale said. “The Wiper Wheel for the 2987 Magnum is the newest in a long line of great Magnum add-ons.”

The 2987 Magnum Fertilizer Coulter from Yetter allows producers to fertilize at faster application speeds and with minimal soil disturbance. The single-disc design of the Magnum has a lower draft requirement than many conventional fertilizer application tools and takes less horsepower to operate.

“Producers looking for faster application rates, lower soil disturbance, and the ability to side-dress early and plant without an extra tillage pass will find the 2987 Magnum and its options the perfect fit for their operation,” said Cale.

For additional information visit http://www.yetterco.com.