Hemisphere offers new steering kits

Hemisphere GPS has announced it has expanded its popular line of Outback Guidance eDrive hydraulic steering installation kits.

Outback eDriveTC GPS assisted steering system extends the functionality of the Outback S series, including Outback S, Outback S2, Outback Sts, and Outback S3. Once eDriveTC engages, it uses GPS technology to automatically steer agricultural machines. As a result, it provides more uniform treatments, extends hours of operation while reducing driver fatigue, and is more accurate than otherwise humanly possible. It also features Tilt Compensation (TC), which corrects for the GPS antenna position when driving on slopes in the terrain, essential for precision applications.

The hydraulic steering installation kits allow Outback eDriveTC to be used with a wide variety of agricultural tractors, floaters, sprayers, and combines. Hemisphere GPS has designed customized kits to support 23 new machinery models since the beginning of this year, bringing the number of compatible agricultural machines to over 650.

The newest offerings include the first kits designed for the CLAAS Forage Harvesters (491, 492, and 493 series), as well as new kits for the 220 model of the Massey Ferguson Swather, and 10 new models of Fendt tractors.

The hydraulic steering installation kits come complete with all the necessary hoses, fittings, and brackets. Detailed, yet easy to use, step-by-step instructions enable customers to install the system themselves with no special training. Typically, the entire hydraulic installation can be done in less than two hours.

“We are proud to have North America ’s most popular aftermarket hydraulic steering system,” said John Bohlke , director of product marketing of Hemisphere GPS. “Since we first began shipping steering kits in December of 2003, Hemisphere GPS has sold over 11,000 units. Combined with any of our Outback Guidance GPS systems, like Outback S3, customers have experienced exceptionally accurate, precise, and repeatable applications, and benefited from a quick return on their investment.”

Outback eDriveTC and the eDrive hydraulic steering installation kits are available through Outback Guidance Centers, other distributors in North America , and through Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide.

Please contact Outback Guidance customer service or visit http://www.outbackguidance.com for more information on kits for specific makes and models of agricultural machines.