Hemisphere introduces background map for Air IntelliStar

Hemisphere GPS has introduced background maps, the first software mapping application for use in the aerial application market. The IntelliStar aerial application guidance system with background maps enhances flight navigation and confidence by allowing aerial applicators to view their current flight information such as spray lines, waypoints, and polygons overlaid on pre-existing maps.

For improved navigation, safety, and efficiency, Hemisphere GPS customers can access street map files or sectional charts in either 2-D or 3-D mode and can load them together to view as sequential background map pages on IntelliStar. Street maps are similar to automobile navigation systems while sectional charts have topographic information consisting of contour lines, shaded relief, a selection of visual checkpoints and landmarks, and such aeronautical information as visual and radio aids, controlled air space, and special-use airspace.

“Hemisphere GPS is dedicated to providing our aerial application pilots with the most beneficial applications possible,” says Greg Guyette, director of sales & marketing, Air Products at Hemisphere GPS. “Being first to the market with a background map feature is an important milestone that will improve the overall efficiency and safety of aerial application.”

The street maps are based on OpenStreetMap collaborative wiki mapping technology. Customers can visit OpenStreetMap.org to improve and update maps of anywhere in the world. For example, customers can record windmills and power lines or identify obstacles and potential exclusion areas and enter them all within the OpenStreetMap website. They can then download updated maps containing this new information into IntelliStar.

Since OpenStreetMap is a collaborative environment, as more users add detail to the maps, more complete data is available for use.

For more information about Hemisphere GPS, please go to http://www.hemispheregps.com.