Greenleaf unveils new product catalog, updated Web site

reenleaf Technologies, home of the first air injection nozzle (Turboprop), is proud to announce the availability of their new comprehensive Spray Nozzles and Accessories Catalog; as well as their updated Web site,

The new catalog includes all products offered, accompanied by appropriate tabulation charts, application guidelines and other informative information on drift control and droplet size to help you select the right nozzles for your spraying needs.

The updated Web site offers a more user friendly format which includes all Greenleaf products, nozzle charts and guidelines like the new catalog with the addition of test data, articles, testimonials, other applications, and a new Nozzle Calculator.

The Nozzle Calculator allows you to determine the correct nozzle type and size for your application by plugging in your desired gallons per acre, speed, and nozzle spacing. This information produces a summary of the different nozzles along with droplet size and the required operating pressure (psi).

For more information or a copy of the new catalog please call Greenleaf Technologies at 1-800-881-4832 or email to [email protected].