Great Plains subsoilers fold for narrow transport

The new SS1800 and SS2000 Folding In-Line Subsoilers from Great Plains may have been designed for big acreage and high horsepower, but Great Plains engineers certainly didn’t forget the need for narrow transport.

The 20-foot Model SS1800, designed for tractors with 200 to 480-plus horsepower, folds to 13 feet, 1 inch, while the 25-foot Model SS2000, designed to handle 500-plus horsepower, folds to 15 feet, 5 inches. Naturally, all models feature heavy-duty hinges, with reinforced large-diameter, greaseable pivot pins, which ensure the wings can take as much abuse as the center section.

“Designed to eliminate the yield-robbing compaction layers created by horizontal tillage tools like plows, disks and sweep implements, the SS1800 and SS2000 provide maximum shatter of subsoil structure so both moisture and root growth can penetrate deeper into the soil profile,” explains Greg Brenneman, marketing manager for Great Plains. “That doesn’t mean customers don’t have choices, however. Shank options include ¾-inch spring steel No-Till shanks or 1 ¼-inch straight-leg shanks. Either can be mounted on the automatic reset mount or the economical shear bolt mount.”

Equipped with the exclusive 10-inch no-till point, the ¾-inch shank provides minimal surface disturbance while creating maximum fracture below the surface. The 1 ¼-inch shank, on the other hand, provides more surface disturbance and comes with the option of 2- or 7-inch points. Other options include berm conditioner reels designed to firm the soil after density layers have been re-set by the sub soiler shanks.

“Although the SS1800 and SS2000 comes standard with a category 3, 4N or 4, 3-point hitch, we also offer an implement hitch for converting either model to a pull-type machine,” Brenneman adds. “Either way, customers will appreciate the screw adjustment on the ‘straddle axle’ gauge wheels, which makes changing depth a quick and simple process.”

For additional information, contact Great Plains Manufacturing Inc., P.O. Box 5060, Salina, Kan. 67401; (785) 823-3276, or

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