Goodyear expands Optitrac farm tire line

Goodyear Farm Tires — a Titan Tire Corporation brand — has expanded the Optitrac line of radial agricultural farm tires. The Optitrac design features a self-cleaning tread action and improved mold and shape that helps create a smoother ride.

“We designed the Optitrac with a 25 percent deeper lug compared to conventional R-1 tires,” says Jeff Vasichek, vice-president of sales and marketing for Titan Tire Corporation. “This design provides for more aggressive traction in heavy-tillage applications. The new design also offers longer tread wear while the reinforced bead area helps the tractor withstand the forces of higher-torque applications and allows for increased loading.”

A 45 degree tread lug angle promotes more open space on the lugs for better cleaning and improved traction — especially on soft moist soil. The lug configuration was modified — along with an improved mold and shape — helping to enhance handling and performance in the field and on the road. These design features also result in a smoother ride, thereby reducing operator fatigue.

“The Optitrac tire line was developed in concert with our original equipment manufacturers,” says Vasichek. “Tractors are becoming more high-tech and the Optitrac design meets the performance needs of modern tractors.”

Optitrac is ideal for heavy, wet soil conditions and is available in extra-wide flotation sizes for superior traction.

Size ranges include:

• DT800 – narrow row crop

• DT806 – standard 85 aspect ratio

• DT812 – 70 aspect ratio

• DT818 – 65 aspect ratio

• DT824 – 540 to 800 mm wide larger volume

• DT830 – 900 mm wide and up super-large volume

The Optitrac line of tires also features the modern global design desired by farmers today using state-of-the-art technology and thorough testing for durability and quality. Additional sizes will be introduced in the coming months.

Goodyear Farm Tires are manufactured by Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International. For more information on Goodyear Farm Tire products or to locate a dealer near you, visit the company’s Web site at or e-mail Titan International at [email protected].