Frontier adds new disks to tillage-tool lineup

Frontier Equipment expands its lineup of tillage tools with the DH16 Series Disk Harrows and TM41 Series Tandem Disk Harrows to provide customers with durability and dependability in field preparation operations.

“A replacement for the John Deere 637 Rigid Tandem Disk, DH16 Series Disks will deliver years of dependable performance at an affordable price,” says Michael Horrell, Frontier Equipment sales and marketing manager. “The heavy-duty steel blades have 130 pounds of weight per blade, which is ideal for first-pass disk operations through heavy residue. The 22-inch-diameter blades on 9-inch spacing and gang-angle adjustability of these disks provide excellent soil-particle sizing before planting,” adds Horrell.

Customers can equip their disk with either notched or spherical blades with cast spools to best fit their needs. Notched blades provide an aggressive cut and mulch residue while spherical blades slice and mix residue for a smooth finish.

Gang-angle adjustments on DH16 Series Disks can be made quickly and easily using the wrench that’s provided with the machine.

“A smooth, level disking job in all types of field conditions can be ensured by using the disk’s leveling crank controls. Customers can reduce outside ridges and improve the disk’s performance if they add the optional furrow filler with a two-blade taper on the rear gangs. A field’s center balk also can be removed and a more level soil profile can be created with the optional middle breaker that helps ensure complete coverage on each pass,” says Horrell.

The middle breaker and furrow fillers are standard equipment on Frontier’s TM41 Series Tandem Disk Harrows.

“The TM41 Series Disks are strong, durable implements,” says Horrell. “Their mainframe, wings, and gang carriers are manufactured with high-strength tubular steel. Operators can use the hydraulically controlled assembly to fold the wings for quick, easy transport. In transport position these disks have 14 inches of ground clearance and a 16-foot 4-inch transport width.”

“These disks feature large 28-inch diameter disk blades that can penetrate 9 inches deep. The 265 pounds of weight per blade put TM41 Series Disks in a class by themselves,” adds Horrell.

TM41 Series Disks feature hydraulic down-pressure control that transfers weight from the mainframe to the wings for improved penetration in hardened or heavy soils. Increasing pressure to the rod end of the cylinder holds the wing level to prevent gouging in soft soil conditions.

“Thanks in part to their mechanical-leveling linkage, TM41 Series Disks give customers precise leveling control, and they have a fixed-gang angle of 20 degrees both front and rear. The optional rear hitch allows customers to perform multiple operations in one pass by pulling another implement behind the tandem disk harrow,” says Horrell.

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