FMC expanding corn, soybean portfolio

Today’s corn and soybean growers face a multitude of challenges, including weed and insect resistance, shifts in pest spectrums, declining prices and rising input costs.

To help today’s growers remain profitable and achieve new levels of success, FMC Corporation has expanded its portfolio of corn and soybean crop protection products aggressively in the past three years.

“In the end it’s about bringing effective, practical and economical solutions for growers to be able to use those products in a way to maximize yields and ultimately to make a higher profit,” says Yemel Ortega, FMC product manager. “Growers invest a substantial amount of money every growing season in seed costs and early inputs. FMC is committed to offering products that give growers greater protection of that investment.

One major area of portfolio expansion for FMC has been in pre-emergence herbicides. These products help growers knock down weeds before planting, eliminating major competition for nutrients and sunlight for the young crop. For effective weed control in soybeans, FMC offers the Authority herbicide portfolio to allow growers to choose the best product to fit their specific needs.

• Authority Assist herbicide: In addition to controlling key broadleaf weeds, it offers the convenience of added grass control. With multiple modes of action, Authority Assist helps combat growing weed resistance issues, a great concern in the industry.

• Authority First DF herbicide: This fast-acting herbicide provides growers with a clean start and resistance management tool to combat ALS- and glyphosate resistant broadleaf weeds.

• Authority MTZ DF herbicide: As a fall burndown product, it delivers the Flexi-Crop Advantage to give growers ample time to decide what crop to plant in the spring.

“Our first recommendation in corn and soybeans of whether or not the crops are GMO or conventional, is to start out with a soil-applied herbicide applied early pre-plant,” says Micheal Owen, associate chair for the department of agronomy at Iowa State University. “We feel the early pre-plant program mitigates the greatest amount of risk to protect potential crop yield and is able to best provide growers the ability to make a timely post herbicide application.”

One of the most economically significant challenges growers face is glyphosate resistance in weeds. To give growers another tool to combat glyphosate resistance, FMC introduced Cadet herbicide in 2008. Cadet provides effective control of tough weeds such as velvetleaf, pigweed, lambsquarters, waterhemp and nightshade.

For mid-season control of damaging pests, FMC now offers Hero insecticide for use in corn and soybeans (And a wide variety of other crops). Hero protects crops from destructive mid-season insect damage caused by bean leaf beetles, stink bugs, soybean aphids, Japanese beetles, grasshoppers and more. It offers growers an effective way to protect the crop at a critically important growth stage, ensuring better yields and profits.

FMC technical support manager, Bob Hooten, explains why Hero is the logical choice of insecticides to protect corn and soybean crops. “Hero is the strongest of all the insecticides you can put out,” says Hooten. “It has superior mite activity, and in addition, Hero will get around 99 percent control of insects instead of 95 percent control you might be getting with an old product. Hero can mean the difference between 50-bushel beans and 70-bushel beans.”

Another early season product, Capture LFR insecticide allows corn growers to protect vulnerable seed and corn seedlings for insect pests. Growers can plant, fertilize and protect their investment from seed and seedling pests in one trip, reducing their fuel costs dramatically.

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