AT Films introduceds Grainflex bags

AT Films, Inc. has announced the availability of the new Grainflex grain bag — a tougher, safer grain storage solution designed to perform in a variety of weather and climate extremes.

The bag features an innovative new resin formulation for improved durability and UV stabilization and is compatible with all modern brands of loading equipment, allowing for dependable, convenient extraction.

“Our new Grainflex bags exhibit excellent crack, tear and puncture resistance,” noted Calvin Mazurenko, managing director of AT Films. “By maintaining these key physical properties, producers will increase their chances of yielding high quantities of quality grain. We take pride in offering safe, flexible storage solutions to our customers and are excited about the performance attributes of this new grain bag.”

Like all products developed by AT Films, a leading innovator and original supplier of agricultural storage film, Grainflex grain bags were designed and field-tested by growers across North America to ensure integrity and performance.

Specific benefits offered by the Grainflex bag include:

• Excellent puncture and dart resistance to ensure the integrity of bags in the field.

• Innovative structural design proven to produce safe, high-quality grain.

• Ability to maintain core physical properties, exhibiting durability and grain pressure endurance in all climates.

• Compatibility with all modern brands of loading equipment, allowing for dependable, convenient extraction.

• Sustainability for all human and animal grain applications.

• 100 percent recyclable.

• Reduced carbon footprint.

• Guaranteed for one year by AT Films.

“Grainflex bags can also reduce a farmer’s carbon footprint for grain production,” Mazurenko added. “Not only is the material 100 percent recyclable, but because the bags are made of such a durable material, they can be filled and stored right in the field, which allows for less frequent trips to the main grain storage area, less fuel, less labor and fewer expensive equipment purchases.”

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