Feeder trailer saves fuel, time and hay

Krogmann Manufacturing of Sabetha, Kan., recently unveiled their newest product, the Krogmann feeder trailer, designed to efficiently transport and feed large round bales to cattle on location.

This feeder trailer was built to keep hay waste at a very minimum. Results have shown the Krogmann to save between 20 percent to 30 percent of hay over conventional hay feeders.

The racks will fold flat for moving hay off fields and they quickly fold in feeder position saving time. Producers can load and haul or feed without getting off the tractor. Each model can hold and feed several large round bales.

Trailer level height allows cattle easy access to hay with less waste, saving fuel, time and hay. The standard size feeder trailer comes in 20-foot or 28-foot lengths.

For more information, contact Krogmann at 877-745-3783 or http://www.krogmannmfg.com