EPA approves sale of Movento, Ultor insecticides

The Environmental Protection Agency has notified Bayer CropScience that it can resume sales of Movento and Ultor insecticides after the EPA granted registration for the two insecticides for a second time.

Under the new registration, the product container labels include the uses found on the previous Movento and Ultor product container labels.

“We are very pleased that the EPA cleared the way for Movento and Ultor to return to the market in time for application during the 2011 growing season,” said Kevin Adam, product manager for Bayer CropScience.

Growers used Movento and Ultor to protect their crops against a broad spectrum of damaging sucking insects such as aphids, mealybugs, scales and many others for several months before they were removed from the market via an EPA procedural error.

Crops listed on the product container labels for Movento and Ultor remain the same as under the prior registration, and include grapes, citrus, lettuce and apples, among others. For a complete list of approved crops, please refer to the most current product label.

The efficacy demonstrated by Movento and Ultor is based on its two-way systemic activity within the plant. After application, Movento and Ultor move upward and downward through the plant tissue, ensuring even and continuous distribution and better overall protection of young shoots, leaves and roots.

Movento and Ultor target sucking pests specifically, and have minimal impact on beneficial insects which makes them a good choice for use in an Integrated Pest Management Program.

Production and shipment of Movento and Ultor had been halted earlier this year due to an administrative error committed by the EPA during its initial review and approval of spirotetramat in 2008.  

While conducting its second review, EPA allowed the distribution channel to sell and distribute existing stocks of Movento and Ultor inventory in their possession, and growers could still legally use the products according to the previously approved labeling. With the recent EPA registration action, growers may purchase and use new product inventory according to label instructions.