Enlist Duo ready for next step in registration

The Environmental Protection Agency has closed the comment period on its proposed decision to register Enlist Duo, the herbicide for use with Enlist Weed Control System, from Dow AgroSciences.

According to a news release from Dow AgroSciences, the comment period drew broad support from farmers, university scientists, agriculture associations, members of the public and others. Commenters, the company said, urged EPA to move quickly to register Enlist Duo, which will be a key tool for weed resistance management.

Enlist Duo contains glyphosate and the choline salt of 2,4-D for use in controlling weeds in corn and soybeans genetically engineered to tolerate 2,4-D.

In its proposal to register Enlist Duo, EPA stated it has a “full and scientifically robust data set on 2,4-D” with respect to human health. Regulatory agencies in more than 70 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Australia and the United States, have authorized the use of 2,4-D since 2001.

EPA also acknowledged the significant scientific advancements Dow AgroSciences made with Enlist Duo herbicide as it relates to off-target movement.

The EPA is expected to review the comments it has received in the coming weeks, and will then issue its final decision. Pending regulatory approvals, Dow AgroSciences expects to launch Enlist corn and soybeans in 2015.